WiFi Advertising

WiFi Advertising

Offer promotions on your Free WiFi to attract customers

The user experience

Wisphere takes advantage of the need today by the general public to find free WIFI for accessing social networks, texting, checking email, and so on.

How users become aware that a free WiFi network is available

The methods by which we make WiFi access points visible include:

  • Exterior signs: Stickers and displays in shop windows and locations that potential clients notice.
  • Internet portal: Our webpage lists all the free WiFi hotspots available throughout Spain that belong to the Wisphere network.
  • Social networks: We are implementing a viral system by which users can share on their preferred social networks the access point they are connecting to in checking mode.
  • QR codes: Reading these codes with mobile phone cameras allows the user to directly route the gateway to the navigation and use of our WiFi network.
  • Word of mouth: This is a favorite for younger people. When a free WiFi access point is discovered by a young audience, it is automatically recognized and categorized as such, and even used as a meeting point. This type of behavior is expanding significantly to older generations.
  • Display material: Business establishments typically include the availability of free WiFi services in their corporate elements and advertising media as a selling point.

How a user responds to our product

Once a user has identified the existence of a free WiFi network, they can gain access to it by reading a QR code or going to their WiFi settings and selecting ours, which is clearly identified as FREE WIFI.

Many mobile devices (above all, Apple) directly connect once they detect an available wireless network and then their internet browsers go to its introductory screen.

Once this screen is reached, we redirect the user to a screen showing the content you have customized for them.

Later on, and depending upon to the amount of time that has been programmed, the user’s device returns to the introductory screen.

WiFi User Experience

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