WiFi Advertising

WiFi Advertising

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WiFi Marketing Hotspot Coverage
The coverage of WiFi marketing hotspots depends solely on the power of the hardware used. One access point covers an estimated line-of-sight radius of 122 meters.

A Wisphere mesh configuration using various access points together offers an unlimited extension of coverage.

In order to provide internet access to the entire network, only one access point needs to be connected to the Internet source. Automatically, all access points in the network are then endowed with the service, and each point can even present different introductory content prior to connecting to the Internet.

Remember that powering the access points can be accomplished through the electric grid for the mesh access points or by PoE through its very own network cable.

We also have access points specially designed for outdoor installations, and these provide coverage up to a radius of 183 meters.

Coverage of hotpots for wifi marketing

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