WiFi Advertising

WiFi Advertising

Offer promotions on your Free WiFi to attract customers

Proximity Marketing
Proximity marketing encompasses all forms of communication between an advertiser and its target audience, delivered at the appropriate time and place in order to achieve an objective, and its main characteristics include:
  • Proximity: The marketing action takes place very close to the target audience’s location.
  • Speed: The message is given at a high speed.
  • Personalization: The message is usually tailored to the target, its location at the time of its delivery, or in relation to the immediate surroundings.
One of the most obvious examples of proximity marketing is hand to hand leaflet distribution.

Today, these marketing dynamics have adapted to new technologies, taking full advantage of their potential.

In the case of proximity marketing, and harnessing the high use of mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets, we highlight strategies based on Bluetooth technology (to a lesser extent) and the latest high-impact developments that employ WiFi technology to conduct campaigns and distribute content, called WiFi Marketing.

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